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Twelfth Night

Daniel Sutherland, Olivia Birmingham, Vicky Canamaso

This puzzle is about Shakespeare's play "Twelfth Night." The words you are looking for either pertain to the plot or are the names of characters.

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3.Viola's pseudonym; her "guy" name.
6.Sir Andrew tries to fight/duel _______ when he sees her with Olivia.
7.Rescues Sebastian after the shipwreck; cares for and grows to love Sebastian
10.A beautiful and wealthy noblewoman in Illyria.
11.He is arrested, released, vows his revenge, and then leaves.
12.Sir Toby and Sir Andrew actually beat up _______.
15.Marries Viola. (2 Words)
19.The Fool/Clown; provides comic relief; is very witty and wise.
20.How Malvolio feels about Olivia and how Viola feels about Duke Orsino.
22.This play was written by _______.
23.This play is a _______ as opposed to a tragedy.
24.Orsino and Sir Andrew think Viola is a _______.
25.He encourages this fight. (2 Words)
26.Maria writes this to Malvlio to trick him.
1.Olivia's head servant; Toby, Andrew, and Maria play a trick on him.
2.Sir Toby and Sir Andrew want to beat up _______ because Antonio is arrested.
4.The protagonist who is shipwrecked in a storm and becomes a servant to Duke Orsino.
5.Olivia's servant; friends with Toby; writes a fake love note from Olivia to Malvolio
8.Marries Sebastian.
9.Sir Toby's friend; he thinks he is brave, witty, and talented, but he is not. (2 Words)
13.These are revealed along with everyone's secrets in the final scene.
14.A powerful nobleman in Illyria; loves Olivia at first. (2 Words)
16.Viola thinks Sebastian is _______. He thinks the same is true of her.
17.Viola's twin brother; eventually marries Olivia.
18.Olivia's uncle; rowdy, drunk, fun, and disorganized; plays a trick on Malvolio (2 Words)
19.Gets Malvolio out of jail.
21.Antonio is _______ for trying to fight/duel Viola.

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