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Latin & Greek #3

Remedial Reading - Hill

2   3
4                 5     6    
8                         9
14       15   16   17              
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30       31    

1.Root meaning bad
4.Word: to love the heat
6.Root meaning below
7.Root meaning cell
8.Word: the measurement of life
10.Root meaning good
12.Word: to revolve around the moon
14.Root meaning to speak
15.Prefix meaning in or not
17.Word: to breathe together
18.Word: Something that is bad or deadly
20.Root meaning to breathe
21.Root meaning heat
22.Word: the combined gravitational force of the sun and moon
25.Root meaning to lead
26.Word: to pull or take away from
27.Root meaning to pull
29.Affix meaning before
30.Root meaning heart
31.Root meaning moon
1.Word: one who studies forms of life too small to view with the eye
2.Word: To speak good words
3.Suffix meaning "one who"
5.Affix meaning to study
7.Affix meaning together
9.Word: To die; to breath out for the last time
11.Root meaning human
12.Word: One who studies cells
13.Root meaning around
16.Root meaning star
19.Word: A device that leads water to another site
20.Root meaning sun or alone
23.Root meaning to write
24.Root meaning to look
28.Root meaning water

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