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How the World and Mankind Were Created Main Characters

Nathan Cruz

This puzzle uses the information from my presentation as clues to help the person solving this, solve this,but only if he/she has seen my presentation or has read the information online.

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2.The Titans of time’s wife. Hid her baby and fed her husband a rock instead.
5.The first woman created by the gods. Also, created as punishment to mankind. She unleashes all evil upon the world from a box.
8.Titan of time. Kills his father, and has the Titans rule the universe.
9.The first entity or being to exist in the beginning of time; a swirling mass of energy.
10.One-eyed creatures. The monsters that were the first to be born on earth.
11.Aids the gods in the fight against the titans.
13.His punishment is to forever bear the weight on his shoulders to prevent anymore titans from being created.
1.Is killed by his son, which his son then leads his siblings to rule the universe.
3.Prometheus’s brother who aids the gods as well. In the myth where he is charge of creating humans, he gives animals all the useful abilities.
4.Gives birth to her future husband, and creates monsters.
6.Only male mortal being to survive the flood sent by Zeus. He throw stones behind him, which then turn into humans.
7.Hidden by his mother to be able to grow up as the god of the sky, and defeat the titans.
11.Only female mortal being to survive the flood sent by Zeus. She throws stones behind him, which then turn into humans.
12.The second batch to be born on earth. Were chained up in Tartarus, the bowels of the Earth

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