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Chapter 5 The World of Work

Saundra Clark

Topic Terms

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1.the use of technology that allows you to work out of your home
5.students gain knowledge of a particular career area through a one-day visit to a job
6.often combines two years of high school courses with two years of postsecondary education
8.people who know you well and can vouch for your good work
9.the activities you like to do
12.the total amount of money you ear before deductions
16.employees who are paid a set amount of money for each hour they work
17.your natural talent and your potential for learning
19.training for a skilled trade
20.a standard of conduct for successful job performance
21.a brief account of your education, work experience, and other qualifications for employment
22.personal information about yourself that you write down and take with you when completing job application
23.your powers to perform, you develop these through training and practicing
2.prepares students for an occupation immediately after high school through a paid job experience
3.the actual amount of your paycheck after deductions
4.whatever you do to earn a living
7.a series of jobs you hold over a period of years, often in the same or a related field
10.a list of steps to follow to achieve a career goal
11.benefits provided by the employer in addition to the worker's regular paycheck
13.a person who knows how to do the job and teaches the student to do it well
14.a set amount of money paid for a certain period of time
15.start and manage their own businesses
18.offers paid or unpaid work experience to learn about a job or industry

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