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Engine Theory Terms

Fill in the words with vocabulary from your chapter one combustion engines list. It is a review for quiz scheduled for next week.

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1.heat transfer from object to object by touching
4.anything that changes the state of rest or body of motion
7.the result of converting potential energy to mechanical power by a spark or compression
11.internal combustion engine that converts heat energy to mechanical energy, up to 25 hp
13.lowest point where a piston can move in chamber
14.fourth stroke, where combustion products like carbon monoxide are removed from combustion chamber
15.engine with a cycle of intake/compression and power/exhaust. light, used in many positions not only horizontal
17.engine that generates heat energy from combustion of fuel inside the engine
18.unit of powr equal to 746 watts or 33,000 lb ft/min
19.type of engine that requires a sparkplug to ignite fuel
22.stroke that squishes fuel/air mix in combustion chamber to increase likelihood of ignition
24.highest point where a piston can move in chamber
26.moving energy
27.the ability to do work
28.series of events such as( intake,compression, power, exhaust) that are repeated
29.cooling system of engine, fans, or channels to remove heat from liquid
31.measured in farenheit and celcius
2.type of engine that requires compression of fuel to ignite and
3.anything with mass (referring to force)
5.part of the engine where combustion takes place (there can be one or many)
6.simple machine that consists of a bar which pivots on a fulcrum
8.force acting on a perpendicular radial distance from a point
9.stored energy
10.heat transfer from object to object through currents in a fluid
12.the total volume of engine cylinder that the piston moves on one full stroke
14.machine that converts energy into mechanical force
16.engine with cycle of intake,compression, power, exhaust, used in horizontal positions, more efficient, heavier
20.measurement of pressure acting on a specific unit of area
21.heat transfer tht occurs as radiant heat without a material to carry it away
23.stroke that pulls fuel/air into combustion chamber
25.amt of heat reqd to increase temp of 1 gram of water 1 degree C.
30.british thermal unit, amt of heat reqd to increase 1 lb of water 1 deg F

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