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Medical Office Management Vocabulary

Morgan Marnati

Vocabulary in Chapters one, two, and three.

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1.specific accomplishments you aim to achieve.
4.Words, rhymes, or formulas that aid your memory
8.Honesty, dependability, and responsibiliy (2 Words)
10.How you train something to get use to doing something. (2 Words)
12.someone who is capable of doing something well.
13.putting things off until the last minute
15.to be accomplished witin the next few years (3 Words)
17.to be accomplished witin the next 6 months or year (3 Words)
19.things you need in order to achieve our stated goal.
20.sincerity and empathy, respect, tact. (2 Words)
21.how you feel about yourself
22.what you believe in.
23.conveys unhappiness and is not very pleasant to be around. (2 Words)
24.a hormone
26.one of the characteristics that most influences a person's behavior.
27.perpetuates helplessness (2 Words)
2.you are providing a service to others. (2 Words)
3.you know youself, inside and out. (2 Words)
5.The ability to gather and analyze information in order to solve problems. (2 Words)
6.picture and feel all the good feelings to hel p you reach your goal.
7.developing plans and using tools and techniques to optimize your time (3 Words)
9.To be accomplished tomorrow, next week, next month (3 Words)
11.being considerate of the feeligs of others in difficult situations.
14.high standards for those who claim to be professional.
16.make the best of something. (2 Words)
18.wher eyou see little or no progress towards your goal (2 Words)
25.a powerful enemy of time and causes great stresses on the mind and body.

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