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Germanicus et Piso Sections 1 and 2

L Workman

1   2          
4                 5 6 7
      8 9               10
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        14           15 16
19                             20          

1.governor's wife
4.who was G compared to?
9.wife of commander in chief
12.adjectives describing the centurions and tribunes
14.how did he treat the allies
19.who Piso bribed? (lat)
20.latin for futile
21.what did G's friends swear to gain for him?
2.who germanicus had to deal with first
3.how soldiers were allowed to behave (lat)
4.why was he compared to this person?
5.how did he treat his enemies? (lat)
6.what Piso allowed in the cities (lat)
7.name of Roman Emperor
8.what Plancina attended
10.what did G break off with P (lat)
11.commander in chief in east
13.words describing G's illness (lat)
14.objects found in his house (lat)
15.where should G's friends take their concerns?
16.governor of Syria
17.what Piso allowed in the camps (lat)
18.objects found in his house (lat)

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