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Key ICT Terms

Makeda Kingue

Work out the following puzzle in 15 minutes or under. There are some abbreviations and a number.

1 2
3     4
7     8          
  9 10 11    
  13               14        

6.small software program that can be bough from an online store and downloaded onto phone
7.what people used to call the first mobile phones
12.a multifunctional device
13.a device in a mobile phone which can measure angle,tilt and orientation
17.file sharing over short distances
18.Short Message Service
19.can only be found on a smart phone related 13
1.I listened to my favourite ...... channel on my phone
2.I listened to music whilst texting on my ...... phone
3.I used the ...... to connect myself to the internet
4.where you can view your images and photos
5.file format for music tracks
8.a phone feature which allows you to capture an image
9.this can help you pinpoint your location
10.device which allows you to make and receive calls
14.the phone was 2.5 ......
15.extra phone feature
16.the front portion of a smartphone that uses sensors to pick up point of pressure

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