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Janella Marie Enriquez

1 2 3 4                     5  
6                 7 8     9
  10   11                           12    
    15     16                             17
18   19                          
      22     23                        
24         25              
26                         27 28      
  30                 31                                
    35   36   37     38  
40               41              
43                             44            
    45                               46
    47   48              

4.a whole number and written above the chemical symbol of the element
6.atoms of an element have the same number of protons, the same atomic number
11.patterned model after the motions of the planets
13.found inside nucleus
14.vertical coloumns in periodic table
16.he discovered the electron
18.uniform nature or character or composition through out
20.total number of protons & neutrons
22.the noble gas that precides a given element
26.used for picking up hot or otherwise hazardous material containing vessels
30.substances in their simplest form
31.indicates the lowest whole number ratio of the elements in a compound
34.product of radio active decay
39.used to support containers for heating
42.group B elements in periodic table
43.shows electrons embedded into a lump of positively charged sphere
44.a small area at the center of the atom
45.he discovered the proton
49.used for holding test tubes beaker etc.
50.lowest energy possible
51.suggested the system of representing the valence electrons of an elements
1.introduced his theory about the location of the electrons of an atom
2.they are composed of 2 or more elements chemically combined in a fixed proportion
3.scattering of light by particles in suspension
5.the way in w/c electrons are arranged around the nucleus of the atom
7.the number of outermost electrons in the outermost energy level
8.it carries a negative (-) charge
9.used to transfer liquids from one container to another
10.used to spread the heat evenly
12.symbol of an element w/one or more dots representing the valence electrons of the element
15.energy keeps an electron moving around the nucleus w/in a region corresponding to the electrons energy
19.the total number of protons & neutrons in the nucleus
21.used in the distillation process
23.student of Rutherford
24.a chemical rule of thumb that states that atoms tend to combine in such a way that they each have eight electrons in their valence shells,
27.indicates the actual number of atoms of each elements in a molecular unit
28.horizontal rows in periodic table
29.he discovered the neutron
32.a quantum property of electrons & maybe clockwise or counter clockwise
33.it carries a positve (+) charge
34.used for heating liquids
35.came from greek word ATOMOS
36.state in w/c electron moves to a higher energy level
37.consisting of 2 or more physically distinct phases that can be identified
38.used for transferring small amounts of liquids
40.group O elements
46.used to measure large quantities of liquids
47.used as a container in small amount of solutions

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