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The Man From Snowy River - Banjo Patterson

1           2
  4         5  
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1.the highest point, top, apex clue: S
4.a bright flame or fire clue: B
6.part of a harness for a horse clue: B
8.a stream of water flowing with great rapidity and violence clue: T
10.a very brief, passing look, sight, or view clue: G
12.the act, process, or result of moving clue: M
14.a natural elevation of the earth's surface to an altitude greater than that of a hill clue: M
15.the people living together in one house collectively clue: H
17.a wheeled vehicle for people drawn by horses clue: C
18.a clear, transparent mineral or glass resembling ice clue: C
1.a seat for a rider on the back of a horse clue: S
2.a pedigree animal clue: T
3.to ride a horse at full speed clue: G
5.a small piece of metal used to produce a spark clue: F
7.a high degree of pleasure or enjoyment; joy; rapture clue: D
9.a horse specially bred for racing clue: R
11.the quality of mind or spirit that helps a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, with bravery clue: C
13.menacingly wild, savage, or hostile clue: F
14.to assemble, to gather, summon, clue: M
16.the horny covering protecting the foot in certain animals clue: H

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