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Our Solar System

Riley Wideman

A review of our solar system

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6.Has more than 30 moons, as well as an asteroid belt that makes the planet look like it's wearing a ring
8.Three of the brightest stars in the sky, all in a line
10.Takes 59 days to make a rotation, but only 88 to circle the sun!
11.A sideways planet (orbits at a 97 degree angle)
12.The one place you can visit without a space suit on
1.Home to the largest volcano in the solar system
2.Astronauts have landed on this
3.A few years ago, this was ruled out as being a planet. It's called a dwarf now
4.One of the brightest planets in the sky!
5.The largest planet in the solar system, with a red spot on it (it's a storm)
7.a spiral (like a tornado) galaxy of 400 billion stars
9.Is now the last planet in our solar system, about the same size as our planet

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