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The History of Medieval Theatre

K Ravelo & J May

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4.What term is used to describe a verbal embellishment which could either be sung or chanted and was inserted in to the liturgical text of a Mass?
5.Who were the group of actors that would perform in plays during this time period?
7.The church used theatre to teach __________ and morale lessons.
8.Upon origination of cyclical plays, these religious groups or clubs would produce and perform the plays.
9.A Pageant ________ would hold the mansion, the plateau, and a dressing area on one structure and which would then be moved from one gathering of audience to the next.
10.The pageant master was involved in all aspects of the production and is said to be the predecessor to the modern-day ____________.
1.The __________ _________ is credited with the rebirth of western theatre. (2 Words)
2.Traveling troupes caravanned to villages to perform comedy and ______-like entertainment in celebration of annual events.
3.Special effects were so popular and innovative that this master was hired to oversee them.
6.What was the name of the country where pageant wagons were used?

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