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Chapter 1 Review

Mr. Skinkle

Interactions in the Environment - Chapter 1

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2.Producers use a process called ______________ to make food.
4._________ things are abiotic elements.
5.A beaver lives in a pond filled with plants that provide food and shelter. This is its __________.
6._________ are groups of individuals that are the same species and live in the same area.
8.A food ________ is a summary of feeding interactions among producers and consumers.
9.________ are consumers that break down dead plants and animals.
12.These consumers only eat plants.
13.Biotic elements have ______ basic needs for survival.
14.Humans eat both plants and meat. They are _________.
15.An animal that hunts its food.
16.A __________ is made up of population of different species that live in the same area.
17.________ are the most closely related groups of living things in an ecosystem.
20.These rely on feeding interactions to supply their food needs.
1.Earthworms are examples of this consumer.
2._______ can make their own food to supply the matter and energy they need to survive.
3.Most, but not all, biotic things need ________ in order to live.
7.These consumers don't usually kill their own food, they feed of the remains of living things.
10.These consumers only eat meat.
11.A living thing is known as a ________ element.
18.An animal that is hunted for food.
19.The _______, providing heat and light, is an essential abiotic element in most ecosystems.

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