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ThE aMaZiNg AnImAls Of tHe wOrLd

Nicole Lauren Gillard

The amazing animals of the world is a chance to figure out which animal is what and a fun game about facts and seeing how much you know about animals and to have fun along the way!

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2.i like acorns and nuts and i am found in tree's
3.i'm killed for handbags and shoes :( eat stones
5.i wait for things to die then eat them yum! and i fly
8.i sting you under water i am in places hot i am killed for jelly seals mistake me for plastic bags
9.i howl at the moon
11.most of us cannot walk we get around by hopping with both feet
13.i have 8 legs
15.i am ginger/orange with black stripes i am dangerous but cute
18.i eat hay and i love people to ride me
19.i have tiny hairs on my eyes to help me collect pollen
20.i use my feathers to scare preditors away they make me look big
1.people kill me for my blubber:(
4.farmers sell my milk for money
6.people kill me for my ivory :(
7.i have a long kneck
10.i spend all my day on one leg i am pink and i eat with my head upside down
12.i sleep all day and fly at night to collect food and i am not a vampire
14.i am the fastest land animal
16.i love bananas
17.even though we all look the same no two of us have the same stripes and i'm black and white
20.i love to role in mud

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