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7th Grade General Music

Instrument Characteristics

Complete the crossword puzzle using the clues below. All answers are in this packet.

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  3 4
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1.The part of an instrument brass players buzz their lips into
7.Saxophone was originally invented by combining a mouthpiece and an _________.
8.Highest-pitched string instrument
11.Metal that trumpets are made out of
12.An instrument which uses a double-reed to make its sound
13.A reedless instrument that uses a stream of air to make a sound
16.Constructed of glass, ceramic, metal, or wood
18.Number of valves on a trumpet
19.The oldest instrument in the woodwind family
21.Change the length of tubing to make notes higher or lower
23.Vibrating lips to make a sound on a brass instrument
25.The early latin word for "flute"
27.An instrument that hasn't changed much throughout its history
29.A composer who loved the clarinet
2.A piano is an example of this type of instrument.
3.A woodwind instrument with a wide range of pitches
4.To move around inside the instrument to amplify the sound
5.The country where a sideways flute originated
6.The saxophone has a _______ tube and flared bell.
9.Invented around 1840.
10.The largest instrument in the brass family
11.Projects the sound of a brass instrument many different directions
14.Also known as a baritone tuba
15.Can change the pitches on a brass instrument without valves
17.Instruments that make a sound when hit, shaken, or scraped
20.This instrument can be 7-8 feet long.
22.A saxophone's "true home" is this type of music
24.The country where the clarinet was invented.
26.The oboe produces the sound closest to the _________ voice.
28.Strings can be made of _______, plastic, or animal gut.

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