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Pegasus Nominees 2011

For each clue, identify the song for which it is the first line or the person described. Spaces have been removed, so "Hello World" would be entered as "HelloWorld".

  2 3
4                   5
8 9           10 11
17                           18    
21     22  
    23     24  
        25   26   27  
30                             31                
32                                   33                

4.____ ______’ it’s a sunny day / ____ ______’ in the Milky Way
6.Eric Coleman, Daniel Gunderson, Jason Neerenberg, Mike Nixon, and David Stowell.
13.Finally, turn right and stop at this number, and the lock should open.
15.It isn't just
17.An encounter by chance, love at a glance
19.It's three o'clock in the morning, ship time,
20.The / view from above has no start and no end,
25.I am as God made me,
28.I suppose that I look different without the robes and crown
29.The scientist sits at his sonar, and he's scanning the lake for a sign.
30.All the girls in the village are talking of Helen:
31.When we came upon this land --
32.He passed the height limit for astronauts in seventh grade, stopped well short of the stratosphere, and hasn't played basketball since the 20th century
33.Es geht eine Sage vom lebenden Spiel,
1.The next step in opening the lock is to turn the dial left one full turn past the first number, and stop at this number.
2.A computer science graduate student at Brandeis University, he has been filking since his college friends dragged him to his first convention his freshman year at Swarthmore.
3.Wendy played fair, and she played by the rules that they gave her;
5.Well I'm not really bad, I'm just drawn that way
7.To open the lock, turn the dial right two or more full turns, stopping at this number.
8.S.J. Tucker, Alexander James Adams, and Betsy Tinney
9.Tom and Sue Jeffers
10.Once, in a land far away, on a cold winter’s day...Long ago, many years.
11.Mich Sampson and Marilisa Valtazanou
12.She currently teaches music theory, music appreciation, class piano, and private piano lessons at Calhoun Community College in Decatur, Alabama.
14.Our new world is so close.
16.When you land on Bailey's 7, you may not like what you see.
18.The winds were hard, the skies were brown,
21.I knew the day I met you that someday you would go
22.He released the CD Rain on the Sand in 2009, containing all original songs.
23.Foolish mortals who think to deny me!
24.She is largely responsible for founding the Lost Girls
26.That chick in a skirt and no shoes who sits on the filkroom floor with a violin and a stash of Pixy Stix.
27.In a tower of flame in Capsule Twelve, I was there.

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