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Civics Vocab


Civics vocabulary Please excuse the spelling errors...I was in a hurry when I did this Thanks :)

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1.a form of socialism in which all power is vested in a dictator and a single political party
4.the president recognizes the existence of that nation and the legitimacy of its government (2 Words)
5.the authority Congress gives the agencies to make dicisions regarding the public in areas that Congress has not specifically addresseqd (2 Words)
9.the people rule directly by popular vote (2 Words)
13.a statement of am individual citizen's legal privileges (3 Words)
14.a local unit of geovernment
18.Agencies that have a single function and report directly to the President (2 Words)
19.a large, complex organization made up of appointed officials
20.a totaltarian dictatorship by one or more persons that advocates the voilent, revolutionary overthrow of the existing economic, political , and social order and sets up a tyrannical state that dominates the person, property and thought of all the citizens by meansof physical and psychological force and terror
21.the central government is subordinate to state governments and has only the powers which they grant it
22.consists on the Senate and the House of Represenatives
2.the people and their represenatives are limited by a constirtution (2 Words)
3.giving the party control of as many congressional seats as possible
6.a man is judged guilty or innocent by a group of his peers (3 Words)
7.Agencies taht have been created by Congress to regulate a specific area of American life (2 Words)
8.political power is seperated among three political institutions (3 Words)
10.a case where the plaintiff feels he has been wronged by the defendant (2 Words)
11.a case where the government is the plaintiff and seeks some legal action against the defendant because he has wronged the society by his behavoir (2 Words)
12.the highest number of votes but les than half
15.the government leaves individuals free to own businesses and make a living dependent on their own enterprise (2 Words)
16.a private meeting of political party members to decide on policy or to choose candidates
17.a love for one's country and a loyalty to that country

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