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Review for US Constitution Test

Marcia Bedard

Time to review vocabulary for the US Constitution Test! See if you can complete this puzzle without using your book or notes--if you can then you are almost ready for the test!

2 3 4             5
  6     7  
8   9                            
  11                     12                
14                   15   16      
        17   18      
19 20 21                            
      23     24         25      
    27     28                          
    33   34        
35   36                                        

4.an act that betrays or endangers one's country
9.states that Congress has the power "to make all laws that shall be necessary and proper for carring into execution the foregoing powers."
11.controls the money and makes the laws
12.private meetings
13.government's plan for working with the other countries of the world
14."talking a bill to death"
18.a proposed law
21.practice of drawing district lines to favor a particular political party
22.laws that come from judge's decisions that rely on common sense
24.the art of interacting with foreign governments
26.branch is responsible for executing, or carrying out the country's laws
27.powers shared by the state and federal governments
30.powers given to the federal government by the constitution
31.written law
36.member of majority party elected to president for the time being and preside over the senate's daily meetings
38.the people or states have all the powers tht the Constitution does not give specifically to the federal government
39.laws that define what acts are crimes
40.smaller of the two houses
1.lists the reasons the colonies decided to separate from Great Britain and form an independent country
2.highest ranking US representatives in foreign countries
3.basic rights to which all people are entitled
5.the principle that in a disagreement, everyone will accept the decision of the majority
6.written agreements th US government has with other countries
7.the scope of the authority that a court has to hear and decide a case
8.an introduction that explains why the US Constitution was written
10.rejecting a bill
15.reviewing the result of the trial
16.written change to the constitution
17.presides over the house
19.divides a government's powers between a national government and state government
20.consent of the governed
23.number of years you must be a resident of the US to qualify to be president
25.established the concept of judicial review
28.written plan of government
32.consists of two houses
33.laws the refer to disputes between people
34.title of a cabinet member
35.interprets the meaning of the laws passed by
37.to cancel

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