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Sensation and Perception

Psychology (Honors)

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2.contains receptors for taste
4.the smallest differnce between two similar stimuli that people can detect; also called "just noticeable difference"
5.lowest intensity stimulus that can be detected 50% of the time
10.depth cues that require the use of both eyes
11.contributes to spatial orientation & balance provides leading contribution about movement & sense of balance
15.the body sense that provides feedback on the position and movements of our body parts
17.sensory receptors change their sensitivity to stimulus
18.the light-sensitive tissue at the back of the eye that contains the visual receptors
19.logarithmic measure of sound
20.vertical size of a sound wave; gives rise to perception of loudness and is measured in terms of decibel
21.the sense of smell
22.binocular depth cue produced by muscles that rotate eyes as they focus on nearby objects
24.incorrect percptions based on false perceptual hypotheses that often result from constancies that do not apply to the stimuli in question
25.photoreceptors in the retina that function best in bright light and are diferentially sensitive to red, green or blue wavelengths
1.notion that people group and interpret stimuli in accordance with similarity, proximity, closure, and continuity
3.depth cues that require one eye
6.small coil-shaped structure of the inner ear; contains sound receptors
7.the process of organizing stimulus input and giving it meaning
8.stimulation below absolute threshold for conscious perception
9.neurologically vased condition in which the stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in second sensory or cognitive pathways
12.study of relations between physical characteristics of stimuli and sensory experiences they evoke
13.In audition the number of cycles per second in a sound wave that is responsible for the pitch of sounds; the measured in Hertz, which equals one cycle per second
14.the transparent structure behind the pupil that changes its shape to focus images on the retina
16.reasoning from specific cases to general cases; typically employed by children during their development
23.photoreceptors in the retina that function under low levels of illumination and do not give rise to color sensation

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