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Vocabulary_Unit 1

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5 6                

6.To know more about what the customers think about the market, some people are employed to do the _____________________ in the street.
7.Ladies rush to “Milan Station” for the __________________ although the handbags are second-hand.
8.There are always fresh bread at 3pm in the __________________________.
9.Many people would love to go to IKEA when they want to buy ________________________.
10.Lots of _______________ live in Kwun Tong district. There are around 500,000 people.
11.Mary wants to have a party with her friends, but she is not sure if her friends would have time to join, so she conducts a _______________________ in Facebook.
13.The oranges are sold on ________________________. You may get 1 free of you buy 5.
14.Everyone says that I am ________________ since I buy too much.
16.Hong Kong is a _______________________, especially for the tourists from Mainland China because they can buy brand-name goods at lower price.
17.Ladies are the main source of customers of __________________________.
19.In Ladies’ Market, tourists always have to ___________________ with the shopkeepers if they want discount.
1.When I have nothing to do at weekends, I usually ___________________ with my friends.
2.SOGO is the largest Japanese _______________________ in HK.
3.________________________ wake up early in the morning for packing the newspapers
4.7-11 and OK are _________________________.
5.Peter was sick, but he did not see the doctor. He went to _____________________________________ to buy some medicine only.
12.Property is for the Mainland Chinese _____________________ lately since they become richer. Many people from China is generous to spend much in Hong Kong.
15.The _____________________ of Henrietta Secondary School is the sea view.
16.The shopping mall has promotion which attracts many _________________ to visit the mall.
18.The ___________ of this mock quiz is to get students be prepared for the uniform test.

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