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Male & Female Reproductive Systems

Anna, Shea, Giulia, Ryan

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4.Produce vaginal lubrication during sexual arousal
6.The act of normal sperm production
7.This part of the male anatomy provides a duct to expel urine from the bladder and deposits sperm in the females vagina to fertilize the ovum.
8.Narrow, tubular part of the uterus
10.Rounded distal end of the penis is known as the _____________
11.Tubular structure made of muscle and membranous tissue that connects the external genitalia to the uterus
14.The _______ ____________is essential for establishing and maintaining pregnancy in females.
17.This is the primary male hormone that causes boys to grow taller, become more muscular, and develop secondary hair during puberty
19.Hollow muscular organ in which a fertilized ovum may be implanted; shaped like an upside down pear.
21.Pair of oval glands housed by the scrotum; they have two functions manufacturing male germ cells and secreting hormones
22.Folds or ridges of the vaginal mucous membrane
23.Males have two of these, one from each testicle, the function of which is to store and carry sperm to the penis.
24._______ glands produce milk after birth to provide nourishment and maternal antibodies for the infant.
1.Site of fertilization and early embryonic development
2.Lacerations often occur in this area of female anatomy during childbirth.
3.These structures produce hormones, mostly estrogen and progesterone, and stimulate an ovum to maturation.
5.Secretions from the sebaceous glands in the ________ are bactericidal to protect from infection and lubricate to protect the skin of the vulva.
9.Primary male hormone
12.Sensitive erectile body that gives erotic sensations when stimulated
13.A pad of fatty tissue covered by course skin and hair
15.Male germ (reproductive) cells
16.The combination of seminal plasma and sperm are known as
18.Females external genitalia are collectively referred to as
20.The accessory glands have 3 functions: Nourish the sperm, protect the sperm from the acidic environment of the woman’s vagina, & Enhance the motility of the sperm these glands are called ___________ glands.

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