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street law

David reyes

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1.an agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime.
5.a repeat criminal offender, convicted of a crime after having been previously convicted.
6.an act that is open to view is required for conviction on a conspiracy.
7.law under which the driver agrees to submit to a bac test in exchange for the privilege of driving.
11.an effort to commit a crime that goes beyond mere preparation but those not result in the commission of the crime.
13.imprisonment by state.
15.the act of requesting or strongly someone do something.
2.strategy builds close connections between police and the communities they serve.
3.requiring criminals to play back or otherwise compensate the victims of their crimes.
4.all different kinds if chemicals that people abuse.
8.general sense to refer to the legal terms "driving while intoxicated" (DWI).
9.someone who helps the principal commit a crime.
10.any crime for which the potential penalty is imprisonment for one year or less.
12.a crime for which the potential penalty is imprisonment for more then one year.
14.something one does or fails to do that i sin violation of law.

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