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The Elements of Music & Composition

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4.help the listener become familiar with the major ideas or themes. Gets the audience’s attention back to an idea or thought that the musician or composer wants to communicate.
7.Using the sound of a space or room as in effect to create mode or feeling.
10.the volume of various sounds when they happen at the same time, mixed so they sound good together.
13.I series of pitches or notes.
16.the connection of ideas or "bridging" of one part of the music to another
1.a gradual building of interest and knowledge followed by a resolving climax and a rapid end.
2.What gives an instrument it's unique sound.
3.the principle of composition in which all the separate parts work together to make a complete whole.
5.Two or more voices playing along with a melody in a higher or lower pitch.
6.This word means to put notes in time with a tempo or grid.
8.This is created through the use of contrast, such as loud to soft dynamics, harsh to smooth timbres and thick to thin textures.
9.Described as the different layers of sounds. A song can have thin or thick ____________.
11.Measured in beats per minute, this is the speed of the song.
12.This is what give's the song a groove or beat.
14.This is used to add variety to the parts in a song, making them higher or lower in ______.
15.This gives a song it's structure.

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