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Microsoft Office Crossword Puzzle

Kamzii Patterson

1 2
5 6                        
7             8    

3.indicated the number of pixels that the computer uses to display letters, numbers and graphics. (2 Words)
4.the process of finding a locating on a storage device.
5.Contains links to your favorite locations (2 Words)
7.Helps to manage multiple folders and files stored in various locations in a computer.
9.contains the favorites area, Libraries area, Computer area, and Network area (2 Words)
11.Contains five buttons used to accomplish various tasks. (2 Words)
12.an icon on the desktop that provides the user with immediate access to a program or file.
1.saves the locations you have visited and displays the locations when clicked. (3 Words)
2.an open window that is hidden from view. (2 Words)
6.provides quick navigation options. (2 Words)
8.Shows links to files that have been included in a library. (2 Words)
10.consists of a drive letter and colon to identify the storage device and one or more file names.

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