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Chapters 1-3 Review

1           2 3   4         5
7   8      
    9     10
12           13    
14 15                 16    
17       18                          
  19               20  

3.Where DNA is stored
6.Cholesterol is an example of a ____________
7."Bad" cholesterol
11.Phase when chromosomes line up at center of cell
12.Number of common amino acids
15.The shrinking of cells
17.The largest organ in the human body
18.Monosaccharide, Disaccharide, ___________
19.The esophagus is part of this body system
21."Water fearing"
2.Receptor, Control Center, ________
4.The type of protein involved in facilitated diffusion
5.Helps to keep the body's temperature at 98.6 degrees
8.This organ system helps to defend against infection
10.Sugar, Phosphate, and base make this
13."Cell Eating"
14.The study of tissues
16.Build-up of LDL on artery wall
20.Primary function of carbohydrates

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