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Courts and the Court Process

Here is a quick review of facts you need to know for the test on the courts

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3.the Fifth and Fourteenth amendments guarantee this
5.amendment that protects you from self-incrimination
6.level that tries the federal cases
7.facts used to prove a point
8.Lawyers must pass a __________________________________ to practice law in their state.
12.lawyers must have a ______________________________ degree
13.State courts of __________ ______________ hear only misdemeanors and lesser offenses
18.federal judges serve for _______________.
20.government employees, who represent the people and present the goverments case
21.deal with those who violate federal laws
1.try defendants charged with state crimes
2.if a defendant is found not guilty of a crime, then the state cannot retry the defendant for the same crime
4.State courts with _______________ _____________ normally hear only felony cases.
9.Federal judges can only be removed if the House of Representative vote to _______________ .
10.all judges should be ___________ ______ _________________.
11.review what the trial court has done and rule on matters of law
14.US Supreme Court has ___________ jurisdiction, which means they do not have to take every appeal.
15.group of citizens chaged with deciding if the prosecution has probable cause that the defendant committed the crime
16.all federal judges are appointed by __________________________
17.Most state judges are appointed by the state _____________________.
19.Appeals court normally hear appeals in panels of ______________ judges.

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