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UltraFun UltraSound Criss-Cross

Trista Petersen

UltraSound Terminology

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4.-Formation, growth, and pulsation of gas-filled bubbles caused by US
5.-2 WORDS: Proportion of the total Rx time that the US is on
6.-# of compression-rarefaction cycles per unit of time, expressed in cycles per second
7.-Amount of acoustic energy per unit time, expressed in watts
9.-Spatial average intensity of the US during the on time of the pulse
11.-2 WORDS: Steady, circular flow of cellular fluids induced by US
16.-Initials for the ratio of the spatial peak intensity to the spatial average intensity
18.-2 WORDS: Fraunhofer zone or Divergent region
20.-2 WORDS: Intensity maxima and minima at fixed positions one-half wavelength apart
23.-Redirection of an incident beam away from a surface at an angle equal and opposite to the angle of incidence
24.-Property of being able to generate electricity in response to a mechanical force/ being able to change shape in response to an electrical current
26.-Spatial peak intensity of the US output over the head of the transducer is ________ in the center of the beam
27.-Power per unit area of the sound head, expressed in watts per centimeter squared
28.-Increase in density of a material as US waves pass through it.
29.-2 WORDS: Fresnel zone or Convergent region
30.- 2 WORDS: Depth of tissue at which the US intensity is half its initial intensity
1.-Decrease in material density as US waves pass through it
2.-Intermittent delivery of US during Rx period
3.-Sound with a frequency <20,000 cycles per second and has thermal and non-thermal effects when applied to the body
8.-US assisted transdermal drug delivery
10.-Microscale eddying occuring near any small, vibrating object
12.-Intials for the spatial average intensity of the US averaged over the on timeand the off time of the pulse
13.-Development of new blood vessels at site of injury
14.-Absorption degree to which a material absorbs ultrasound
15.-Initials for the area of the transducer from which the US energy radiates
17.-Conversion of ultrasound's mechanical energy into heat
19.-Sound head or a crystal that converts electrical energy into sound
21.-Decrease in US intensity as ultrasound travels through tissue
22.-Redirection of a wave at an interface
25.-Type of average intensity of the US output over the area of the transducer

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