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REALLY HARD Greek and Roman puzzle

Hollis X. Howe

This puzzle is extremely hard with twists and turns about Greek and Roman Mythology. This puzzle has 14 mind-numbing words that you can only guess if you've done the research I have done, or if your a Psychic, study a lot of Greek Mythology, or if your a Greek or Roman Mythologist or whatever you call it. Good luck!!

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11       12      

1.I am disrespected from the Greeks and one of my symbols is a spear.
3.I am Hercules wife.
5.I am the owner of the helmet of invincibility.
7.Hades kidnapped me and kept me as his wife.
9.I am the founder of the Vestal virgins.
10.This is is the beginning of time in Greek time.
11.I am the son of Zeus and Io.
13.My realm of authority is strategy.
1.My Greek names my Roman name.
2.I am the hero that killed Medusa.
4.We cut the string deciding your death.
6.We torture the wrong-doing souls of the underworld.
8.I rule the throne on Mt. Olympus.
12.I threw Hephaestus off Mt. Olympus.

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