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Unit 7 Review


1 2
3           4
    5 6          
8         9      
        10 11
12 13       14                  
  15 16        
  17 18                      

3.This movie has lots of explosions, perhaps car chases too.
6.This kind of movie will make you laugh a lot.
7.These kinds of movies are usually very scary.
8.Some famous kinds of movies are Toy Story, Shrek and Dumbo.
12.Who _ _ _ _ _ in the movie?
14.When you are watching TV, you will see many of these between TV shows.
18.A place where you go to rent/borrow DVDs. (2 Words)
19.This is the second movie in a series.
20.At the end of the movie, this is a list of people who helped make a movie or TV show.
21.People like to see happy ones, but sometimes a sad one is good.
22.A place where you go to watch movies.
1.This person stars in a movie.
2.This is another word for TV show.
4.The music from a movie which can usually be bought on CD or downloaded.
5.What kind of movie is Romeo & Juliet?
9.The main song from a movie. (2 Words)
10.Sometimes set in space, and usually in the future. (2 Words)
11.A famous person who is well known
13.You need this to get into a cinema.
15.A person who makes the movie and tells people what to do.
16.A very popular food in cinemas, comes in different flavors such as salted or caramel.
17.This kind of movie has lots of songs that you can sing along to.

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