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Chapter 6: Cellular Structures and Organelles

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4.Fibrous strands of DNA and protein complex found in the nucleous
6.A plant organelle for Photosynthesis.
8.The many protein filaments form ____________ in eukaryotic cells.
11._________ vesicles carry material from ER and to Golgi and from Golgi to various destinations.
12.The organelle resposible for digestion of food or bacteria.
14.An organelle that recieves proteins from ER and further modifies them.
16.Eukaryotic cells have true ___________.
17.In muscle cells, ________ ER is also called sarcoplasmic reticulum.
1.Cytoplasmic streaming is made possible by _______ filaments in plant cells.
2.Eukaryotic organelle for generating ATP , the energy molecule.
3.In protozoan such as Paramecium, contractile _______ will pump out excess water.
5.Ribosomal RNAs are made in the __________.
7.The monomeric building block for microtubule.
9.Bacteria DNA is found in _________.
10.Nuclear membrane is also called Nuclear ______.
13._________ is a protein-making structure.
15.on ________ ER, you will find ribosomes.

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