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Chapter 8 Vocab

Shannon Kranzke

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3.a phosphorylated creatine molecule that serves as a rapidly mobilizable reserve of high-energy phosphates in skeletal muscle and brain
5.efferent neurons that originate in the spinal cord and synapse with muscle fibers to facilitate muscle contraction
7.globular, roughly 42-kDa moonlighting protein found in all eukaryotic cells
8.basic unit of a muscle
11.a structure that permits a neuron to pass an electrical or chemical signal to another cell
12.a single α-motor neuron and all of the corresponding muscle fibers it innervates
13.explains the molecular basis by which muscular contraction occurs
1.a neurotransmitter in both the peripheral nervous system and central nervous system
2.the synapse or junction of the axon terminal of a motor neuron with the motor end plate
4.the basic unit of a muscle
6.the additional oxygen that must be taken into the body after exercise to restore all systems to their normal states
8.a wave of excitation along a muscle fiber initiated at the neuromuscular endplate
9.large superfamily of motor proteins that move along actin filaments, while hydrolyzing ATP
10.layer of fibrous tissue that permeates the human body

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