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Jonas Brothers' Songs Pt. 1

1 2 3                       4     5
6     7   8 9  
12                                 13        
        14             15                              
    16           17                                        
      20     21       22   23             24    
            26       27                      
  28                   29    
31                                   32             33                     34  
36   37                                                 38                      
40                           41      
  42                                           43
44                   45               46                            
47                       48                                                  
  49     50                      
51                 52 53      
58               59                                                        

3.Stop! Tell me the Truth
10.You, I wanna fight with you
11.I finally found the missing part of me
12.To send me to another galaxy
14.We can drive around and see a movie
15.Playing back the moments, now I'm starting to believe
16.We were in the fast lane going to who knows where
17.The earth can be a heavy ride
18.We've got the words if you got the melody
21.Girl you broke my heart and let down
27.It might sound cheesy
28.Cause hugs are overrated just FYI
30.It might've hurt worse to hear you say
31.And the clouds from ripping out my broken heart
32.We can make it last forever
33.Music's in my soul
35.And I fortunately know a little secret
36.I woke up on my roof with my brothers
38.Small talk on IM, just one more sentences
39.All I wanna know is do you wanna get away, get away with me?
40.You've got to feel the beat before you can move
42.This has been a walk in the park
44.Don't let 'em get inside of your head
45.Raise your hands up in the air and screams
46.The moon gets light as the sun goes down
47.If it's you for me forever
48.Cause we're soaking up the sweet sunshine
50.You're still holding all of my heart
51.You never listen to me, I know I'm better off alone
54.We were out on the floor, yeah we danced the night away
55.When you read between the lines
56.Hope this doesn't make you cry
57.Wouldn't it be nice if I had some tissues
58.I don't how to act 'cause I lost my head
59.I'm losing, you're losing a friend
60.And don't forget to hold back your thoughts
1.Did you ever think your dreams?
2.But tonight, I'm gonna fly
4.The stars are light and the moon is bright from above
5.All by yourself, gotta catch my breath
6.You're the Voice I hear inside my head
7.You can take these parents underneath my tree
8.All our hopes and our dreams will come true
9.Searching for that something more
13.And every time you smile, you laugh, you glow
19.Standing on a dirty, old rooftop
20.You've warned me that you were gonna leave
22.S Club 7 in all those boy bands
23.So destrutive just like a tsunami
24.I got burned and I have to learn
25.One Minute and the earth begins to shake
26.Gotta face the fact that I can't walk away
29.If the heart is always searching
34.Now I'm the king of the swingers, oh the jungle vip
37.He's cool, he's hot like a frozen sun
41.You're the one I think about every day and every night
43.There's a man dying on the side of the road
49.Daddy pays your bills but you still whine
52.As the morning sun begins to rise
53.Cause an empty room can be so loud

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