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The history of the internet and the terminology of websites.

Yoan Castellanos

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2.Like a banner but it appears at the bottom of a web page it usually contains copyright information or contact information for the company.
8.the content that is intended to inform ,persuade ,or entertain that travels over the internet. (2 Words)
9.programs that gather information on websites to give it to serve engines. (2 Words)
15.what displays behind the text.
16.saved as joint photographic experts group format. It is best for photographs.
18.a specific style and size of text (writing) with in a type family.
21.measure website traffic and analyze users. (2 Words)
24.how the web servers instructions are counted and analyze . (3 Words)
26.the lay out of the content on a website, usually in three parts, the homepage , basic information and detailed once. (2 Words)
27.HTML codes that are inserted into the header on a web page after the title tag (meta = a way to say huge ). (2 Words)
28.network of computers that resembles invisible roads over which data travels .
29.added to the top of a webpage usually showing the website name.
31.in 1985,it developed the internet. (3 Words)
32.give directions on how to display txt (like color and size or how many columns). (2 Words)
33.a division of a page from top to buttom .
1.The software application that powers the web to revive information from other computers and convert it to a form users can read.
3.records the number of times WebPages are visited .
4.languages that tell browsers how to display content in more sophisticated and powerful ways, making websites faster and more user friendly . (4 Words)
5.web developers use the same image , on several web pages. Of there website to be stored in client computers and reduce loading time for each page that comes up.
6.Can be one or more paragraphs of work on page . (2 Words)
7.person that makes a website. (2 Words)
8.a software application that runs on the internet.
10.Can be used to communicate ideas and add color to a page.
11.Titles that separate one text -block from another. They usually display in darker and larger type face (font) than the regular text.
12.Dynamic navigation menu changes , when the visitor runs the curzer. (2 Words)
13.Governing Body that crates web standard . (4 Words)
14.an object such as text or an image that is linked through hyper-text . To another web-page
17.Includes the links to other pages on the website. It usually appears across the top of the page under the banner, or along the left side of the page. (2 Words)
19.the software application that powers the web to retrieve information from other computers and convert it to a form users can read. (2 Words)
20.It’s the stands for hyper txt, markup language. Definition -language that web developers use to indicate which content the browser will show and how it will look.
22.all the different parts the most WebPages have . (2 Words)
23.a software program that allows people to design websites using html code. (2 Words)
25.a computer that accesses information, programs, or devices on a server.
30.The extension for pictures saved as inter change format this is the best format for line art illustrations such as drawings.

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