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Children in Need stamp quiz

Postal Pursuits

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2.How many Albanian stamps are on display?
5.Which country has a stamp showing Kites? (2 Words)
8.Which early German State is displayed?
9.Which country has a circular stamp?
11.Who is depicted on the Indian Stamps? (2 Words)
14.Which country has a stamp showing Helicopters?
15.Stamps from the UK are listed under which country by stamp collectors? (2 Words)
17.The imperforate stamp under ‘R’ comes from what former country? (2 Words)
19.In which ocean is Penryhn found?
21.Which country has a stamp showing Orchids?
23.Which country has a stamp showing Frogs?
24.Which stamp comes from a Scottish Island?
1.Name a country beginning with ‘S’ that is not on show in the window?
3.Which country has a stamp showing Zebras?
4.What is the purpose of the Quebec stamp?
6.Which country has a stamp showing Penguins?
7.Which country has a stamp showing Elephants?
10.What major sporting event is illustrated on the stamps from the USA?
12.What sport is on the envelope from Pudsey Bears home town?
13.A very cold relative of Pudsey appears on stamps from which country?
16.On which continent would you fined Venda?
18.Which country has a stamp showing Boy Scouts?
20.Which country has a Red Cross issue?
22.In which modern country is Jaipur a part of?

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