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General Chemistry Exam 2

Dr. R. Szostak

Stoichiometry, gases, acids/bases, solution chemistry

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3.1 mole Mg(OH)2 reacts with 2 mole HCl
7.used to determine when neutralization occurs
8.The relationship between volume and moles is known as ___ law
10.Reaction where there is a change in oxidation state from reactant to product
11.substance that conducts electricity when dissolved in water
13.What is used to measure pressure of a gas in the lab?
17.moles per liter
19.HNO3 is known as ______ acid
20.HF and HC2H3O2 are examples of ___ acids
1.6M HCl is a concentrated solution while 0.1M HCl is a__ solution.
2.ethanol (ethyl alcohol) does not conduct electricity when mixed in water
4.the point in the titration where OH- = H+
5.Mercurous chloride is ___ in water
6.units of pressure used in the ideal gas law
9.sulfuric acid has two protons and is a ____ acid
12.grams per liter
14.ammonium chloride reacts with sodium hydroxide to produce what gas?
15.Dense liquid used to measure pressure
16.the law where volume is inversely related to pressure
18.substance that produces protons

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