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Active Learning Activity - (Chapter 3)

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1.What year was the act that regulates government agencies and holds them accountable if they release private information about individuals or businesses without permission.
3.This is a respected professional society founded in 1947 as "the world’s first educational and scientific computing society". (abbrev)
7.This is one of the three general causes of unethical and illegal behavior.
9.It is a type of law that regulates the structure and administration of government agencies.
10.It is a type of law that regulates the relationship between an individual and an organization.
12.This is given to compensate wrongs committed.
14.This defines socially acceptable behaviors.
15.This law generally is a recognized term for the government protection afforded to intellectual property (written and electronic).
16.This is a guideline that describes acceptable and unacceptable employee behaviors in the workplace.
20.This define rules that mandate or prohibit certain behavior.
21.This act is the cornerstone of many computer-related federal laws and enforcement efforts. (abbrev)
23.What year was the act that contains a number of provisions focusing on facilitating affiliation among banks, securities firms, and insurance companies.
2.This is an American contribution as an effort to improve copyright protection internationally. (abbrev)
4.Due _______ requires that an organization make a valid effort to protect others and continually maintains this level of effort.
5.Due _______ is when an organization makes sure that every employee knows what is acceptable or unacceptable behavior, and knows the consequences of illegal or unethical actions.
6.This law regulates the role of the health-care industry in protecting the privacy of individuals. (abbrev)
8.What is a type of law that addresses violations harmful to society and that is enforced by prosecution by the state?
11.This is the legal obligation of an entity that extends beyond criminal or contract law.
13.This agency is responsible for signal intelligence and information system security of classified systems. (abbrev)
17.What is a type of law that represents all of the laws that apply to a citizen (or subject) of a jurisdiction?
18.What year was the act that provided law enforcement agencies with broader latitude in order to combat terrorism-related activities.
19.This agency is responsible for the security of all national critical infrastructure. (abbrev)
22.This law provides any person with the right to request access to federal agency records. (abbrev)

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