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The Crucible, Act Two

Ms. Serra

1 2 3
  6               7  
8 9                      
11               12   13
    15   16                  
    19             20
21         22          

4.Mary Warren and the other girls are _____ of the Court.
5.Filled with or marked by anger caused by something unjust
6.Severe or formal reproof, lecture
9.John plans to force _______ to tell the truth in the court.
11.The commandment that John forgets.
14._______ does not believe in witches.
15.Severe criticism or accusation
19.Inordinate indulgence in sexual activity
21.To be lavish or excessive in one's attention
22.S doll, often in the form of a human or animal
23.The charge against Rebecca Nurse.
24.Mock, jeer
25.Martha Corey is arrested for bewitching Walcott's ______.
1.The act of punishing or sentencing
2.Goody Osburn is convicted because she lies about saying the ______.
3.Made impure, tarnished, contaminated
7.Foolish, insane
8.Great distress or misfortune
10.John's baby son is not _______.
12.Abigail is treated like a ______ in town.
13.The study of religion
16.The poppet that Mary gave Elizabeth has a _______ in the stomach.
17.To move unsteadily, stumble, hesitate
18.Serious, marked with strong reverence
20.Cheever is now the _______ of Court.
22.Excessivelt religious or devotional

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