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#104.01 Station Safety

Fort Osage G.O.G. Review

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4.Safety precautions shall be observed when using power ____ equipment
5._____ route areas, hallways, stairs, etc., shall be clear of unnecessary obstacles and obstructions
6._____ shall be made to keep apparatus floors free from slippery substances and obstructions
9.Utilize the following proper _____ techniques when lifting moderate to heavy objects
11.Do not use _____ equipment such as ladders with broken rungs, power equipment without the proper safety protection, etc. Repair or replace before use
12.Do not attempt to lift or carry more than you can easily _____ if necessary get assistance with lifting a heavy object!
1._____ objects shall ideally be stored at approximately waist level to prevent unnecessary lifting
2.Many personnel injuries could be avoided by personnel remaining safety conscious while conducting station _____
3.The ____ guard on power edger’s and trimmers shall be serviceable and in the proper position for the intended use before operating
7.Station floors also shall be free of _____ substances
8.Safety _____ will be available and shall be utilized to provide eye protection from rocks, twigs and other propelled objects when operating mowers, edgers, etc
10.A large percentage of personnel injuries occur while participating in routine activities at or around the _____

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