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Walt Disney


  4       5    
8                                     9    
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  18               19  

2.The city that Walt Disney was born in
3.Walt Disney's first daughters name who was not adopted
4.Walt Disney's wife
8.The name of the organization that let Walt Disney go to France in World War I
12.The name of Walt Disney's first company which went into bankruptcy
15.The name of the LaughOGrams first project
16.Walt Disney's fathers name
17.The name of Walt Disney's first mickey mouse cartoon
18.The city that DisneyLand is in California
19.Walt Disney's friend who met him when they were both artists and helped him in his company
20.The name of Walt Disney's first full-legnth movie that had sound
1.The name of the job that Walt Disney first got as a cartoonist
5.The award that Walt Disney won 26 of
6.The name of Walt Disney's third mickey mouse cartoon
7.The city that DisneyWorld is located in Florida
9.Walt Disney's brother who helped him a lot and partnered with him in his company
10.The name of the lucky rabbit that was Walt Disney's first big successful charachter
11.Walt Disney's mothers name
13.Walt Disney's second daughter who was adopted
14.The month that Walt Disney died and was born in

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