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#104.11 Near Miss Program

Fort Osage G.O.G. Review

3             4  

3.The National Fire Fighter Near Miss Reporting System is a ______, confidential, and secure reporting system with the goal of improving fire fighter safety
5._____ are provided to use when filing. By sending a copy to the Health and Safety Director, the fire district can possibly track and immediately correct any identified unsafe procedures or equipment
6._____ 72 hours of submission, reports are read and analyzed by reviewers that remove or generalize any names, departments, dates, times, and other related information in order to protect the identity of the reporting person
7.A near miss ____ is defined as an unintentional unsafe occurrence that could have resulted in injury, fatality, or property damage
8.Any _____ of the Fort Osage Fire Protection District is encouraged to submit a report when involved or witnessed a near miss event
1.By collecting and analyzing _____ on near miss events, improvements can be made in company operations and training
2.The report may be posted on the _____ as a learning tool. If contact information was provided and the reviewer needs additional information, contact may be made to collect optional information
4.Access to the _____ is limited to two reviewers and two administrators. All four have signed confidentiality agreements. The reviewers are fire service professionals with at least 20 years experience in urban, suburban, and rural service area’s

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