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The Crucible Crossword

  4                   5                   6
  8 9        
      14 15  
        16     17
  18       19                          

4.a jealous and bitter woman who has lost many babies early in their lives
5.a large, merciless girl who intimdates others and is the one who runs nude in the forest
10.saw Mary Warren sew her poppet (her family helped the Putnams during the witch trials)
12.once a theological college, this is where Reverend Hale became ordained
13.a morally upright woman whose only lie dooms her husband and others
19.a man who condemns others to die after hearing their claims (a relative of Nathaniel Hawthorne's)
20.a former friend of the Proctors who does the bidding of the unjust court
21.a teenager whose desire for a married man dooms the village
23.a guard at the jail
24.a tragic hero who chooses moral goodness and spiritual purity despite the consequences
25.a young girl who is first "afflicted" by spirits
26.the town famous for its Witch Trials and the setting of The Crucible
1.Named by Tituba as a wtich only after Mr. Putnam supplies her with the name
2.a timid, weak girl who gives into the others girls' false accusations against the innocent
3.a local reverend who seems to care more for wealth and prestige tha nfor family and holiness
6.a homeless woman accused and convicted of witchcraft
7.a stubborn, selfish man who would rather allow innocent people to die than to admit any wrond doing
8.her husband mentions that she reads unapproved books and acts secretly at times (causes her conviction later)
9.the local constable who shows his shame by drinking to forget the pain; oversees the jail
11.a woman known throughout New England for her good works and charity
14.a neighboring town where the citizens begin to overthrow the courts
15.a young, inexperienced reverend who attempts to root out witches but ends up condemning others to die (causes him guilt and shame)
16.a wealthy businessman who uses the Witch Trials to profit from
17.a man who gains wealth and respect on his own; Mr. Putnam is jealous of him
18.a man who speaks too loudly and often but has a good heart; dies by being pressed
22.a slave from Barabdos who is whipped until she names people who supposedly conspire with the devil

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