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Business Management Crossword

Sara Doiron

Terms from chapters 3, 4 & 5.

1 2
3       4
  11   12 13
15                     16

3.The law that regulates how much money businesses must pay the government to help provide services for the public.
5.On Dragon's Den or in real life you need to give a good _____ to get help of others.
7.A term used to describe non-standard employment which is poorly paid, insecure & unprotected (2 Words)
8.One who has a share or an interest, as in an enterprise
9.A set of moral principles or values that govern behavior
14.Only worried about about profits is called profit _______________.
15.The law that protects individuals against business activities that might be harmful to them.
17.What's the lowest part of the recession called?
18.What does the "P" in GDP (Gross Domestic ______) stands for?
19.What law regulates how business can set themsleves up to operate as companies?
1.What law protects the rights of employees to organize in to unions? (2 Words)
2.What law regulates relationship between companies & workers?
4.An employee honesty issues could be employee _____.
6.What law allows you to have vacation, sick, leave, pensions, maternity leave?
10.A responsibilitie an employer has to the employees is to make sure they have proper ________.
11.What law makes sure you're getting paid minimum wage?
12.The form of protection on peoples creations or ideas so no one can steal them.
13.The law that regulates how businesses enter into contracts with other businesses and with consumers.
15.A ____ of ethics is a document that outlines the principles of conduct to be used in making decisions within an organization.
16.Obligations to employees, customers, creditors is called _______ Management

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