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The Baroque Period

Saskia Habal

1 2 3
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      10   11
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4.Music. in a leisurely manner; slowly.
6.what does ritornello mean?
7.vivaldi became Director of Music at the Ospedale de ..................
14.italian for 'everyone plays'
16.the first concerto describes the freshness and beuty of what season?
18.in vivaldi's time the quick movements were written in what was called?
19.slow; in a broad, dignified style
20.he was ordained in 1703
21.what word comes from the architectural style of the time?
22.pieces for one or more solo instruments accompanied by a string orchestra and harpsichord
24.in what year did the baroque period finish?
26.whose father was a violinist at St. Marks Cathedral in Venice?
28.in what year did the baroque period start?
29.solo concertos were written in how many movements?
30.in what year was a peace treaty signed to bring an end to the wars between france and england?
1.he belonged to one of the most musical families in our history.
2.many of vivaldi's compositions were?
3.a riitornello section for the orchestra were marked in the music by which italian word?
5.what factor contributed to Antonio being called 'The Red Priest'?
8.brisk or rapid in tempo.
9.a fast, light footed dance for strings, oboes and bassoons only.
10.what is classified as a keyboard instrument but is actually a wind instrument?
11.italian for 'alone'
12.in what year was bach born?
13.played by plucking the strings with the finger instead of using the bow, as on a violin.
15.concertos include solo concerto and concerto ................
17.vivaldi worked at a ................ orphanage
23.an italian word meaning full
25.who wrote Musick for the Royal Fireworks?
27.vivaldi wrote more than .............. concertos.

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