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American Government


Review Vocabulary

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2.amendment that states power not in the Constitution is reserved to the States
4.amendment that gives more individual rights then what is listed
6.goals of the U.S Constitution
7.Article II of the U.S. Constitution
9.Powers shared by both state and federal government
12.type of democracy in which the people elect individuals to represent the public
14.legislative powers that can be streched
16.Article III of the U.S Constitution
19.power to appoint Supreme Court judges
20.total vote needed to propose an amendment through Congress
21.total vote needed to ratify an amendment through the states
23.to trade
24.Supreme Court Judges
25.earliest influence to the U.S Constitution
1.must give consent for presidential appointments
2.total amendments to the U.S Constitution
3.term referring to the outside the United States
5.Presidential advisors
8.Powers given exclusively to the national/federal government
10.First 10 Amendments to the U.S Constitution
11.Article I of the U.S. Constitution
13.Also called the neccessary and proper clause
15.to approve or accept
17.division of power between the national and state government
18.Authority to coin money and creat post offices
22.agreement between countries

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