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Problem Solving and Creativity

Module 7.1

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2.tendency to rely on past solutions that may not be appropriate for current situation (2 Words)
4.people very often rely on cognitive ___ rather than logic
6.this bias involves placing more weight on evidence that supports an opinion
7.Kohler referred to sudden awareness as __
8.evaluate current situation and compare it to end result desired (2 Words)
9.a strategy based on similarities between two things or applying solutions of the past to a current problem
11.conceptual ___ expands familiar concepts to develop novel ideas
17.occurs when the person sees the problem from a different perspective, notices new info, or recognized connections between elements
18.originator of Alternate Uses Test
20.this period of time is a respite from active problem solving which may facilitate finding a solution
21.as in using a model and then examining whether the data fits the model (2 Words)
22.problem solving is a ___ process
23.thinking that is the wellspring of invention; conception of new ways & uses
24.functional ___ : limiting objects to functions they usually serve
25.heuristic where the judgement is based on a small sample of a larger population
1.this explains why people prefer a Brand X that has 25% less fat than Brand Y rather than Brand Z which had 75% as much fat as Brand Y
3.this heuristic is the tendency to base decisions on info that readily comes to mind
5.thinking leads to original, practical and meaningful solutions to problems
10.an example of this is Alexander Grahall Bell use of the human ear as a model for the telephone
12.thinking that is the effort to find one correct answer; may stifle divergent thinking
13.step-by-step recipie or set of rules for solving a problem
14.a figure of speech likening one object to another
15.breaking a larger problem into smaller, manageable problems (2 Words)
16.conceptual ___ includes cell phones, veggie burgers and home page
19.a rule of thumb for solving problems, making judgements or decisions

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