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1.Sailor's favorite cryptid, said to be half woman and half fish
5.It is thought that dinosaur bones created this legend. No one is sure if they truly breathed fire or existed
6.Common name for sasquatch
12.The prehistoric megalania of New Zealand was one. Thought to be dead but ...
14.Consider to be a fake, made up to attract tourists. Mangy coyotes are sometimes identified as these.
15.Scientific name for the Tasmanian tiger. Extinct or not?
17.prehistoric great white shark, about 60 feet long. Supposed to be extinct. Definitely need a bigger boat!
19.Name given to what is thought to be a living answer to UFO's
20.Hippo killing dinosaur of the congo
23.These long bodied, toothy animals were gretly feared by ancient sailors.
25.These real black and white "bears" were once classified as cryptids, no one believed they were real
26.Name for the Russian bigfoot
27.Perhaps andacondas or pythons. Claimed to be 50-100 feet long.
28.We have specimens and know they are real, just don't know much of anything about these giant cephalopods
29.Short name for a lake monster found further north of us in Lake Champlain
2.Prehistoric reptiles thought to perhaps still be alive in various "dark forests"
3.Giant flightless birds that lived in New Zealand until hunted out by humans. Or were they?
4.Bad tempered snowman of the Himalaya mountains
7.Name given to unknown masses of tissue that wash up on beaches around the world
8.Jack Sparrow knows about these legendary giant squidy things that sink boats
9.Certain colored big cat said not to exist in North America. Mr. Hudson's wife saw one.
10.Gigantic bird of Native American legend. Said to bring about storms and high winds.
11.These jungle primates were also thought to be "made up". None are as large as King Kong though.
13.Typical "caveman", thought to perhaps still be alive in Russia
16.General term given to cryptids found in lakes
18.One of these is said to have washed up on St. Augustine beach. Samples are in the Smithsonian Museum
21.The overly smelly version of bigfoot found in southern swamps
22.Prehistoric fish thought extinct for millions of years, now known to be alive off Africa's coast.
23.Proper name for the unknown primate of North America that lives, apparently, in every state but Hawaii
24.Friendly name given to the fabled Loch Ness Monster

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