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EDU. 300

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1.academic achievement between White students, and Hispanic, African American, and American Indain/Alaska Native students
6.share of sense of peoplehood, culture, identity, and shared language and dilects
8.using two languages as the medium of instruction
10.institutional policies and practices, itentional or not, that result inracial inequities.
12.cultures that tend to emphasize the individual.
13.share racial or cultural identity and a set of beliefs,values,and attitudes.
15.schools that focus on African American history
16.a process of attributing behavioral characteristics
2.the perservation of culture differences among groups of people.
3.limited ablity to understand, read, or speak English and has a second language other than English
4.culturals that tend to emphasize group membership and a sense of "we"
5.ability to function effectively in two or more linguisticand cultral groups.
7.provides equal educational opportunities for all students
9.a set of beliefs based on importance
11.an overall sense of oneself.
14.group of people who share certain characteristics

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