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Automotive Tools

Tony Maschinot

1 2 3
4               5   6          
7               8           9    
  12       13                        
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  26               27     28        
31 32   33              

4.cutting pliers with angled jaws (2 Words)
7.pliers with flat and round jaw sections
12.a wrench with one fixed and one adjustable jaw (2 Words)
15.pliers with long, tapered jaws (2 Words)
16.a fixed-position lifting device
17.cuts external threads
22.cutting pliers for making flush end cuts (2 Words)
26.a wrench with jaws that engage 2 sides of a fastener (2 Words)
27.a punch used for lining up holes in parts
29.a hex-shaped wrench
30.a hand tool for shaping and smoothing metal
33.an open end wrench for tubing and piping (2 Words)
34.a saw for cutting metal
35.a wrench which applies force in one direction and turns without force in the other
1.metal or plastic strip used to measure close tolerances (2 Words)
2.a low, flat platform used to slide easily under a vehicle
3.a wrench which applies a precise amount of rotational force
5.pliers with widely adjustable jaws (2 Words)
6.used to restore damaged threads (2 Words)
7.a wrench with an open and a box end
8.a powered, hand-held reversible wrench (2 Words)
9.a tool to remove broken fasteners
10.a hammer with a flat and a rounded striking surface (2 Words)
11.a portable lifting device (2 Words)
12.a hand-held, air-powered, rotary-force, off-set tool (2 Words)
13.a simple tool to drive various threaded fasteners
14.a ratchet attachment which surrounds a fastener
18.a punch used to remove pins
19.a hand tool with 2 or 3 jaws for removing interference fit parts (2 Words)
20.a nozzle used to direct compressed air
21.a wrench which surrounds a fastener (2 Words)
23.a hammer with a yielding striking surface (2 Words)
24.a high-heat flame producing tool
25.a mounted, powered tool used to apply straight-line force
28.a mounted, powered rotary tool used to clean, buff and grind
31.a mounted holding device with a movable jaw
32.cuts internal threads

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