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2 3     4                
  6       7      
9         10     11            
12               13
14 15       16     17        
      19       20        
  22                 23        
24       25              

3.the maximum you can borrow on your credit card.
5.income after you pay taxes.
6.put money in the bank.
8.another word for money.
9.the opposite of lend.
11.a bank account you use to save money.
12.every month.
15.VISA or MasterCard.
19.a cash machine.
20.an interest rate that stays the same.
21.another word for 'yearly'.
22.an interest rate that changes with time.
23.income before you pay taxes.
24.what you have if you borrow money.
25.a house loan.
1.a person who gives you advice at a bank.
2.a person who puts money in, or takes money from your account at a counter.
4.money you put into your account.
7.the opposite of save.
10.take money out of the bank.
13.a bank's main interest rate.
14.money that you borrow.
16.a monthly fee on borrowed money.
17.a bank account you use to pay everyday expenses.
18.move money between bank accounts.

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