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Executive Branch

Najra Maric and Maegan Lawrence

1 2                      
6                           7        

1.very detailed estimate of receipts and expenditures, an anticipation of federal income and outgo of the next twelve months (2 Words)
3.Forms of communication, especially radio, television, and the Internent--to that end (2 Words)
6.This paints a picture of the President as emperor, taking strong actions without consulting Congress or seeking its approcal---sometimes acting in secrecy to evade or even to deceive Congress (2 Words)
9.the President, acting for the United States, acknowledges the legal existence of that country and its goverment
10.a directive, rule, or regulation that has the effect of law (2 Words)
11.an unwelcome person (3 Words)
12.pact between the President and the head of a foreign state, or between their subordinates (2 Words)
2.the President's right arm, an umbrella agency. A complex organization of several separate agencies staffed by most of the President's closest advisors and assistants (5 Words)
4.This is taken by the President of the United States on the day he enters the office. He pledges to "faithfully execute" the office and "preserve, protect, and defend" the constitution (3 Words)
5.the power to issue orders, arising from the Constitution and acts of Congress (2 Words)
7.Includes" The executive Power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America." (2 Words)
8.a formal agreement between two or more sovereign states

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